A Way Out supports people in drug and alcohol crisis with the treatment they need.


  • Our vision is to support, empower and educate the most vulnerable and at-risk individuals in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado to live healthy, happy and whole lives free from alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Addiction is a major health problem that costs as much as all other mental illnesses combined (over 40 billion per year) and about as much as cancer and cardiovascular disorders as well.
  • Almost everyone knows someone who has a drug or alcohol problem. It is so commonplace.
  • A Way Out was formed to help people who cannot seem to break the addiction cycle and truly want to find a new way of life. The organization is comprised of caring individuals committed to helping people find a full life in sobriety.
  • A Way Out has been in existence since 2007 and has helped hundreds of individuals and their families live healthy, whole and productive lives.


  • We believe that honoring confidentiality and anonymity is at the heart of our success.
  • We believe that active collaboration with other local entities, both public and private is the foundation of our model.
  • We operate with transparency and accountability.
  • We believe in intervention and in recovery.
  • We believe that it is never too late to find help!

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A Way Out
PO Box 10825
Aspen, Colorado 81612
Email: info@awayout.org
Website: www.awayout.org


501c3 Tax Exempt NonProfit Organization: 46-1809899